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The Globalflora is a city which gather the eight world botanic environments. Settled in area of 1km2 and inspired to the traditional fort arabic city, Globalflora hosts inside eight glass domes the show of the nature: seasons, climates, trees, water, stones, flavour, flowers, animals, etc...

The Globalflora is not only an entertainment destination for visitors but a real city; shops, offices, universities, museums, cultural center, luxury apartments and villas, mall, hotel and souk are surrounding by 360000 sqm of green park.


The Globalflora is design in according with the last environment and sustainable studies which give to the development the final destination for entertainment and lifestyle.



Design team

Mauro Traverso

Egizia Gasparini

Gabriella Innocenti
Cinzia Castellaro
Licia Di Tommaso
Luca Vigliero
Landscape design
Giorgio Ceola
Ettore Zauli
Irene Raineri


Enviroment design
Egizia Gasparini


Structural engineering
Marco Pietro Ruggieri
Stefano Camisasso


Electrical and mechanical engineering
Carlo Richero
Andrea Guerra


Business planning
Francesco Silvestri





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