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The region of Harghita is characterized by the presence of a territory rich in areas of high natural value: 18 areas are classified as SCI (Situri de Importanta Comunitara) and SPA (Arii de Protectie Speciala Avifauninstice) and 10 as protected areas including parks and regional reserves.

The project's idea, following the European Community requests, is to consider the entire region of Harghita not only as a park with areas of high natural value, but as a whole offer of high quality landscapes, both natural and agricultural, with an historical and cultural heritage significally distributed into the whole territory, suitable for the development of a concept of sustainable tourism.

The project has the following general objectives:
- Identify strategies for the protection and enhancement of natural areas in the region of Harghita
- Develop a sustainable tourism enhancing the natural values of the area and the historical, cultural and monumental characters, respecting and preserving the long-term natural, cultural and social resources and contributing to the economic development and the full realization of the people that live, work or pass in protected areas.


The objective is to ensure that the region of Harghita stand out nationally and at European level as a "special territory" with the development of "touristic products" with authentic manufactured quality in a friendly environment.


The strategy aims to ensure better integration of tourism into the natural, cultural, economic and social environment with the following plan actions:

- Protection and enhancement of natural heritage and biodiversity,
- Protection and promotion of cultural heritage,
- Improving the quality of supply,
- Control the flow of visitors through time and space in order not to exceed the carrying capacity of natural systems.